The New 911 TURBO

Porsche's next generation 911 Turbo has been spied with tell-tale side intakes and wide body.

Prototypes of the next generation Porsche 911 have been spotted many times already, but some images have just surfaced of a development car sporting telling details that suggest it might wear the famous Turbo badge.

Chunky wheelarch extensions and side-mounted intakes are visible in the spy pictures, leading to the assumption that, like the current 991 Turbo, the new car will feature a wider body than other 911s

The next 911 will probably do without any dramatic changes to its aesthetic, but rather focus on modernising the 911's detailing without straying too far from Porsche's comfort zone. The grille openings look to be shared with standard 911 prototypes already spotted, so expect these to be changed for production.

More dramatic styling changes seem to be focused around the rear of the car, where it will integrate a full-width light bar, much like on other models in the 911 range. Above the LED lights sits the same wide active rear spoiler seen on other development 911s, but it remains to be seen if the upcoming Turbo will sport a taller re-profiled design similar to the one on the current car for that extra visual distinction.

Revealed around 18 months after the standard 911, we still have a while to wait for the next-generation Turbo, but usual Porsche scheduling would point towards a reveal date end of 2019.