Prestige car finance tips

Luxury or prestige? There’s not a lot to choose between them when it comes to buying your new vehicle. There’s no hard and fast definition for a prestige car – or a luxury one for that matter.

But as you browse the reviews – this one that appeared in Car Buyer magazine on the 3rd of January 2019 – you’ll recognise them when you see them. Depending on your personal favourites, there are lots to choose – from Audi to Rolls Royce, Maserati to Mercedes, to name just a few of the prestige marques.

And once you've decided to buy a prestige car, then, of course, you're also likely to need to finance the purchase. So, here are our tips on arranging prestige car finance:

Decide what car

  • if you have your heart set on buying a prestige car, you are likely to have a few makes and models already in mind;
  • you’re also probably aware that buying a supercar is something of a luxury – it might not be strictly necessary, but it comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you may have the most distinctive vehicle on the street;
  • as a prestige car, it might also be ahead of its time – bristling with innovations and features that may become standard on lesser marques only after the passage of several years;
  • in-car devices are also likely to be a higher specification – a DAB radio, for instance, Bluetooth connectivity, and certainly onboard GPS;
  • hardwood veneers and plush lambswool carpets are going to emphasise that your car qualifies for its luxury or prestige tag;
  • whether you choose some or all of these features is, of course, a matter of personal preference and taste – but they may all be involved in deciding just what car to buy;

Finding the car

  • when you have some idea what car you want, it is then a question of finding it – preferably at a good deal when it comes to the price;
  • here at Forza Finance, we offer an exclusive vehicle sourcing service, where our team of experts rigorously search our extensive network of approved suppliers and dealers to find the most competitively-priced deals for you;
  • so, if you're not sure where to start looking, have not yet found the prestige car that suits you, or merely prefer someone else to do all that hard work on your behalf, let us find the car and deal that meets your requirements;

Arranging the finance

  • you’ve chosen your car, but now you need to know whether you can afford it;
  • wherever you have found the car, the dealer is almost certain to offer a finance deal for its purchase;
  • if that is the only offer you consider, though, you’ve no way of knowing whether it represents a reasonable, still less the most competitively-priced deal you are likely to find;
  • by using our simple – and free – online calculator, you can compare at a glance the most competitive deals on offer;
  • not only that, but you may receive a decision in principle on the proposed finance – hire purchase, lease purchase or Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), for example – within just a minute or two and without leaving any trace of a footprint as far as your credit rating is concerned;
  • the next step is a formal application and, if that is approved, we transfer the funds directly to your chosen dealer and arrange your collection of the prestige car you have chosen.

If you are looking for prestige car finance, therefore, it may be a simple four-step process: decide what car you want to buy, find out where you may purchase it at a competitive price, complete your application for the necessary finance, and collect your new prestige car.