Best way to fund a supercar

What’s the best way to fund a supercar? There are several options and choosing the appropriate means depends not just on your personal preference but also your particular needs and circumstances.

A passion for supercars

Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, or names you hear only in the circles of supercar cognoscenti such as the Gumpert Apollo or Tushek Renovatio T500, these are the cars that arose feelings little short of passionate.

If you went to the annual Supercar Weekend at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire last year – there’s another one coming up this 3rd and 4th of August – you might have left burning with envy for anyone lucky enough to own such a magnificent beast.

Supercar finance

In the cold light of day, though, you know that a supercar is within reach only if it is likely to be within your finance budget. Or to put it another way, how much can you afford to borrow.

The answer to that particular question is made as easy as just a few clicks of the button online by using our specialist finance calculator and entering a few basic facts, such as:

  • the purchase price of the supercar you want to buy – whether new or second hand;
  • the timeframe over which you’d intend to pay back your supercar finance – between 12 and 60 months;
  • the amount you have available to put down as a deposit;
  • your expected annual mileage in your supercar; and
  • a broad indication of your expected credit score – excellent, good or fair.

On the strength of the barest of information, we are able to perform a rapid pre-credit check, give you a decision in principle on your requested finance, without leaving any trace that might otherwise adversely affect your credit history – and all within just a minute or two.

Finding the available finance – at some of the most competitive rates on the market – is something you may leave entirely to us here at Forza Finance. We scour our extensive network of approved lenders to identify the finance deals most likely to match your specific needs and requirements – while continuing to ensure, of course, that the interest rates quoted are as competitive as possible.

Use our asset sourcing service

Maybe you know little more than that you want to buy a supercar and have already received our decision in principle on the amount of finance you may need but have not yet found the particular make and model that fits the bill.

Once again, you may leave the search for a suitable vehicle entirely up to us, as we scan our network of approved supercar dealers to find just the supercar you had in mind, on offer through an exclusive deal, at a competitive price.

Your formal application for supercar finance

Your supercar chosen and with the confidence of pre-approval having been made, all that is needed is your formal application for the relevant amount of finance.

Again, the procedure is streamlined so that relatively few details are required to establish the affordability of the credit you need and your financial standing. If formal approval is then given, we arrange the transfer of the requested funds directly to the dealer concerned and all that it remains for you to do is arrange the collection of your supercar – and drive away as the proud owner.