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The term “Audi motor cars” has an instant impact when the name is mentioned.

Images of solidity, comfort, safety and above all perhaps a certain regal quality, spring to mind.  They continue to be one of the most desirable of the prestigious luxury marques.


The history of Audi is unusually complicated. 

Its origins go back to Ingolstadt in Bavaria in the early years of the twentieth century.  At that time, an engineer by the name of August Horch had become associated with two car development and manufacturing companies. 

In 1932, those two companies joined with the two others to form what was called the “Auto Union” at the time.  The four companies together formed the basis of what would later become the famous Audi trademark of the interlinked circles. 

At one time the group was owned by Daimler–Benz but were purchased by the Volkswagen Group in the 1960s.  This is when what we now know today as “Audi” was really born. 

The word “Horch”, from the original founder’s name, in German means “listen” which is “audi” In Latin.  This slight pun resulted in the name of Audi and that has continued down to the present day. 

Some of the earlier vehicles in the 1960s were slightly eccentric and not necessarily initially known for major luxury.  That quickly changed though and the brand became globally recognised as a major competitor in the luxury and prestigious vehicles marketplace. 

High-end cars

Audi produces a wide range of vehicles and is also moving rapidly into the development and deployment of electrically-powered vehicles.

Just some of their current high-end models include:

  • A4-A8 
  • TT 
  • R8 
  • Spyder
  • Q3
  • Q5
  • Q7-Q8
  • S1
  • S3-S8
  • TTS
  • SQ5
  • SQ7

Audi car finance

Anyone purchasing a prestige vehicle, including an Audi, is most likely to be looking for a cost-effective deal.

Very little allows you to secure a better starting position in your price negotiations with the dealer than having a finance offer, in principle, already securely in your pocket.  It typically allows you to draw a firm line between the business of discussing their vehicle price and needing to discuss your finance.

This is where Forza Finance may be able to typically assist.

We will quickly work with you to understand your requirements and through our panel of specialist lenders, see where there may be a suitable prestige car finance deal that might assist you to go forward with your Audi purchase.

We are experts in the field of funding prestige marque purchases and our selected lenders are likewise organisations who understand what is required in order to secure one of these great vehicles.

We will help you to perform a quick credit history check in order to ascertain whether or not you will be able to secure the finance you need, as well as offering an indication of the likely costs involved.  That initial process will not leave any impact on your credit history files and therefore cannot put at risk any existing standing you have.  We call this a “soft footprint” approach.

If you’d like to know more about our services in not only providing finance but also helping you to find the Audi you are looking for, why not contact us without delay? 

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