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What finance products are available on the calculator?

Our finance calculator provides quotes for the most popular finance products. This is dependent on the car's age and other information you submit. Good news, the calculator can provide quotes for both new and used vehicles.

Hire Purchase (HP): HP is where the buyer pays for the vehicle in instalments over a fixed period of time. Unlike PCP or LP finance, the buyer does not have the option to return the vehicle at the end of the agreement or make a balloon payment. Instead, the buyer becomes the owner of the vehicle once all the payments, including any interest and fees, have been made. The buyer typically pays a deposit upfront and then makes regular monthly payments, once all payments are made, the buyer has the benefit of owning the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP): With PCP, a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is set, based on an estimated market value at the end of agreement. The buyer typically pays a deposit and then makes fixed monthly payments over a set period of time, usually between two and four years. At the end of the agreement the buyer has three options: they can choose to make a final balloon payment to own the car outright, return the car to the lender with no further obligations (subject to mileage and condition), or use any equity in the car as a deposit for a new finance agreement. PCP finance is popular because it offers flexibility and lower monthly payments compared to other financing options. Check out our PCP calculator for more information.  

Lease Purchase (LP): Lease Purchase combines elements of both leasing and purchasing. The buyer pays fixed monthly installments for a set period of time, similar to a lease. However, at the end of the agreement, the buyer has the option to purchase the car by paying a final lump sum, known as a balloon payment. Lease Purchase is a popular option for those who want lower monthly payments and the ability to own the vehicle at the end of the agreement, without any excess mileage or condition charges.


How does our finance calculator work?

Our finance calculator is simple to use, and after answering a few questions about your vehicle, its mileage, and your annual miles, we can provide you with a quote. It's as easy as that.

Our car finance calculator is designed to give you a quick and easy estimate of your potential finance options with Forza Finance. Whether you're eyeing a nifty car, a sturdy van, or a luxurious motorhome, our calculator caters to your needs. Start by selecting the type of vehicle and specifying if it's new or used. Then, input the vehicle price, your deposit amount, the term of the finance, and the annual mileage you expect to cover.

Once you've inputted these details, hit 'Get Quote' to proceed. You'll be prompted to enter your contact information—first name, last name, mobile number, and email address—to enable us to reach out with your tailored finance options.

The next step involves providing details about the vehicle you wish to finance. Enter the registration number if you know it, or opt for 'I don't know the registration' if you don't. Follow this with the current mileage of the vehicle, and review your entered information regarding the vehicle price, deposit amount, finance term, and annual mileage. This seamless process ensures you get a personalised finance quote that fits your budget and driving ambitions, all without leaving the comfort of your home.

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