The Japanese Lexus marque has become a byword for design engineering and quality build.  It has also established an enviable reputation for comfort. 


Although it now seems to be difficult to believe, back in the 1970s most Japanese manufacturers had a reputation for producing relatively modest cars, albeit ones that were becoming increasingly well engineered and built.

Several manufacturers at the time, including Toyota, decided that the global marketplace was ripe for their expansion into the premium vehicle segment. 

A Japanese design team from Toyota spent a considerable period in the United States studying the usage patterns of typical affluent American consumers and looking specifically at what they expected out of a car.  They used that as a starting point to develop a range of luxury vehicles for the U.S. and to some extent European marketplaces.

Toyota’s declaration, as the 1970s closed and the 80s began, was that they simply wanted to build “the best car in the world”. 

There continues to be some misconception that the name chosen for their premium vehicles, Lexus, has some form of composite or hidden meaning.  In fact, as the company has made clear many times over the years, the name has no meaning whatsoever and was adopted simply because it sounded scientific and high-tech!

At the time the first Lexus models were produced, Japan had entered into a voluntary agreement with the United States to restrict the number of vehicles sold by Japanese manufacturers in the USA.  This meant that they and other manufacturers were naturally inclined to sell more expensive vehicles if they were overall not permitted to sell in volume.

This was another underlying driver behind Toyota’s move into high-value and highly engineered vehicles – and therefore the origin of Lexus.

High end cars

Lexus produces a range of superb vehicles aimed largely at affluent families, corporate enterprises and in the case of some performance models, the suburban sports marketplace.

Their current models include no less than 13 differently badged vehicles including those that utilise the latest in hybrid technology.

The price band runs from approximately £25,000 to £73,000 and covers model types ranging from luxury compacts through SUVs and executive saloons, right up to high-performance coupés.

Lexus super car finance

For all Lexus luxury vehicles but particularly those in the mid to upper bands of their price range, car financing will be a particularly important factor for drivers wishing to consider this prestigious marque.

Here at Forza Finance, we are fortunate in being able to access a panel of funds providers that is specifically targeted at providing financial assistance for those seeking to purchase prestigious vehicles.

We would therefore welcome the opportunity to have an initial discussion with you to understand which of the Lexus range you are considering.  We will then be able to highlight how we might be able to help in qualifying circumstances.

Your initial contact would involve no obligation on your part and will be treated by us as totally confidential.