Insta-Famous Cars You Can Finance For Under £700 A Month

Instagram is home to millions of car fans eager to share a glimpse of the incredible vehicles hitting the road every day. Whether you’ve modded your Supra or spotted a brand new Bugatti on your ride to work, chances are someone has snapped a picture of it. 

So if you’re dreaming of one of those amazing models you’ve found as you scroll through your feed, Forza Finance has put together a list of the most popular cars on Instagram you can finance for under £700 a month. Let’s dive in.

Viral Cars You Can Finance For Under £700

Scrolling through our Instagram feed we found hundreds of incredible cars, each more exciting than the next. So we started tracking the ones that consistently popped up and garnered lots of interaction. From there we analysed the number of hashtags each of them had and ran each model through Forza’s free car finance calculator. It is a fast and easy method of finding out the expected monthly payments for any car you have in mind. 

The result was 10 incredible cars that have become popular on social media for all the right reasons. Check them out:

BMW M4 – £497

With a whopping  2 and a half million posts for the hashtag “bmwm4” this model really is the talk of the town. So how much would the M4 set you back per month? 

A BMW M4 with a cash price of around £38,000.00 will start from £497 per month. This is considering a deposit of £3,800.00 and a term of 48 months. Bargain!

BMW M5 – £654

The runner-up on our list is the BMW M5. The iconic sports sedan garnered 2,207,526 posts for #bmwm5. With an HP and balloon finance deal you can get the viral M5 for as little as  £654 per month if you choose the 2019 (19) model. 

Tesla Model 3 – £473

To no one’s surprise, Tesla cars have invaded Instagram full force but if you want to walk away with the ever-desirable EV for less than a month’s wage, the Model 3 is your best bet.

Looking at a 2019 (69) Tesla Model 3, with a cash price of around £47,000.00, you will be able to finance it starting from £473 per month. But just how popular is the Model 3? The #teslamodel3 has over half a million posts on Instagram, 564,614 to be exact, and growing every day.

Audi RS4 – £629

You better hurry up if you want to join the popular Audi RS4 trend. The #audirs4 has garnered 343 million posts and it’s ever-growing. This high-performance estate superbly mixes the best of practicality with supercar performance. You can finance an Audi RS4 with a cash price of £47,500.00 starting from £629 per month. Yes, please!


Porsche Macan – £389

The Porsche Macan is a great luxury SUV: reliable, comfortable and elegant. With the right finance deal, you can get a 2016 Porsche Macan starting from £383 a month. The details: a cash price of £43,250.00, a deposit of £8,650.00, a 48-month term and an APR representative of 6.9%.

So just how popular is it? On Instagram alone, the #porschemacan already has 293,080 posts and these cars look stunning!

Mercedes-Benz GLE – £389

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is an incredible luxury SUV, and Instagram knows it. The hashtag ‘mercedesgle’ has over 100 thousand posts (107,849 to be precise) and it is no wonder since the GLE promises performance and comfort, with generous high-quality trimming.

So how much would it cost you to finance this Mercedes? For a 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe with a cash price of £40,500.00, it can start from as little as £413 per month.

Jaguar F-Pace – £669

The F-Pace is a stand out in the upmarket SUV class: not only beautiful but also very practical, with one of the biggest boots in its class. No wonder the #jaguarfpace has 102,498 posts under its belt. And when it comes to financing it, it doesn’t get much better than starting at £669 per month for a 2021Jaguar F-Pace D200. Jaw-dropping!

Audi e-tron – £646

The Audi e-tron is close to catching up with the F-Pace in terms of popularity, with 101,105 posts for #audietron on Instagram. As far as monthly finance goes, it comes out at an outstanding £646 per month. Not bad at all for a luxury all-electric SUV.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak – £490

If you want a car that is big (very big), popular and less than £700 a month to finance, then the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is the answer. Starting with the fact that the #fordrangerwildtrak is almost at 50 thousand posts on Instagram (currently at 48,484 posts), a Ford Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak with a cash price of £22,500.00, can cost you as little as £490 per month. WOW!

Audi RS Q3 – £646

The last on the list of our top 10 Insta-famous cars you can finance for under £700 is the RS Q3. With 39,400 posts gained for the hashtag ‘audirsq3‘, this model also delivers in terms of excitement by sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

The compact, high-performance Audi RS Q3 has plenty to love, finance included considering you can get this model from £653 per month.

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Most Popular Cars on Instagram 2021

If you haven’t seen a car you’re dying for on the list above, don’t be concerned. Forza Finance has a vehicle sourcing service to help you find the best deal on your next car. Need some inspiration? Then take a look at the top 5 car brands that have gathered the most hashtags on Instagram as of 2021:

  1. BMW: the German luxury automaker is undoubtedly the most famous car brand on Instagram, with the hashtag #bmw reigning in a whopping 62,028,052 posts
  2. Honda: the hashtag ‘honda’ is nearly hitting 50 million posts, currently sitting at 46,897,254 posts.
  3. Ford: it is no surprise that #ford has 34,331,106 posts, in fact, you could argue that the iconic brand might have too little considering the amount of time its models have been on the road.
  4. Toyota: the hashtag ‘toyota’ has nearly 32 million posts, with the #toyotasupra contributing with 1,260,542 posts, way beyond any other Toyota model. Talk about popular!
  5. Mercedes: the German manufacturer fall way behind its direct competitor BMW when it comes to social media popularity, with #mercedes ‘only’ getting a little over 30 million posts on Facebook (ouch).

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