Make sure your car’s ready for Spring

As we wave goodbye to the colder weather, make sure your car's ready for Spring.

Lose some weight.

Shed some of the unnecessary weight. Throughout Winter it's easy to fill your car up with wellies, coats, scarves and all the necessities for when it's cold. But the more weight you're carrying in your car, the less economical it will be. 

Give it a wash.

The roads get gritted regularly during colder weather, helping cars to grip. However, this salt can cause corrosion on your car, it's easily built up under the wheel arches and suspension. Your number one tool for this is a power washer, make sure you get every little bit and give it a real Spring clean. 

Air conditioning. 

We've already seen some rather warm days this year, and remember just how much we can rely on our car's air conditioning. It's important to have it serviced, or at least test it yourself. As the air outside warms up, the gas in the air conditioning unit can eventually leak, meaning you'll lose the nice cool air. 

General maintenance.

As important as ever, general maintenance plays a huge role in keeping you safe on the road. You can have a quick check yourself, paying attention to the coolant and oil levels, as well as tyre condition. If you've been using Winter tyres for the past few months, it may be worth visiting your local tyre fitter and seeking advice on what tyres are best. 


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