New release: BMW X7

BMW has made many SUVs, and a few coupe-like versions of existing SUVs since their release. But this new X7 is their first stab in to Range Rovers territory.

Their aim is to create an SUV with the exquisite feel of the 7 Series. The BMW X5 has always been popular, so will people trust that the X7 will be just as good, but with more of a luxurious feel? 

Prices start from £72,155 and grow to £87,240, and there's no-doubt going to be more pricey versions at a later date. However, the SUV market is certainly competitive at the moment, whilst looking at the X7, buyers may also consider the GLC, Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover, all cars which have cemented their place in the market.

The BMW X7 is a monster of an SUV too. It's more than 5.1-metres long, which means it sits between the regular Range Rover and rarely spotted long-wheelbase version.


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