Performance car finance – A Guide

It may be surprisingly difficult to define a performance car – a lot might depend on just whom you ask.

Motor insurers, for example, consider a number of factors such as the car’s maximum speed, the size of the engine, road-handling and safety ratings. They also make a link between the high performance car and its driver – who is statistically more likely to be involved in traffic accidents or to get speeding tickets.

But the range is also very wide. A top ten list of high performance cars, published by Auto Express on the 21st of May 2019, manages to include two unlikely candidates – the Type R Honda Civic and the Ford Fiesta ST.

That might help to explain our all-inclusive yet specialist approach as providers of performance car finance here at Forza Finance. By outlining the bare bones of what we do, the following is a brief guide to the specialist car finance we offer.

What you can do

Although it is likely to take you only a minute or two to respond, we work quietly away on the basis of the information you provide about your particular needs and circumstances:

Level of borrowing

  • if you are looking for performance car finance, one of the first questions we ask is how much you need to borrow – reflecting the wide range of performance cars available, we offer finance from just £10,000 right up to £1 million and the very highest performance vehicles are likely to come towards the top of this range;

Repayment period

  • as important as the amount you want to borrow is the period over which you choose to repay any finance;
  • by spreading out the cost over more years – we offer some deals which may last as long as ten years – your monthly outgoings are going to be less, but you then pay a higher amount of interest, of course;


  • the size of the deposit you are able to contribute of course reduces the amount you need to borrow – but there are finance deals we may be able to offer that require zero deposit;

Credit rating

  • it helps to know from the get-go whether your credit rating is likely to support the level of borrowing you are seeking – start off with a simple estimate of whether it is excellent, good or fair;

Annual mileage

  • for some types of finance, you may be restricted to a given total annual mileage – so consider what that is likely to be.

What we do

Based on the information you are able to provide, we then move into gear and conduct a thorough search of the market on your behalf to identify not only a competitive rate of interest but also to determine the appropriate type of finance that might suit your needs.

Just a few types of finance from which you might choose, for example, are personal loans, hire purchase, lease purchase or the ubiquitous Personal Contract Purchase (PCP).

The final choice is yours, of course, but once your chosen finance arrangements are formally approved, we arrange for the dealer to be paid directly so that all you need do is to agree a time for collection of your performance car.


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