Pininfarina Pura Vision Review

In a world increasingly leaning towards sustainable mobility, Automobili Pininfarina is making a bold statement with its Pura Vision concept. This electric 'Luxury Utility Vehicle' (e-LUV), as coined by the company, is not just another electric vehicle (EV) in the market; it's a vision of what the future holds for the esteemed Italian brand.

The Concept as a Catalyst

Paolo Dellachà, the CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, has been vocal about the transformative role the Pura Vision is expected to play. He describes the vehicle as "the bridge from our present to an exciting new chapter." This is not merely corporate speak; it's a clear indication that the Pura Vision will be a cornerstone in shaping the brand's future line-up of production models.

The Ferrari Purosangue Rivalry

When the news broke in 2020 about Pininfarina's plans for an SUV, the automotive world took notice. The vehicle was touted as a direct competitor to Ferrari's Purosangue, with a price tag starting at a staggering £300,000. While the journey from a concept to a customer-ready vehicle has been relatively quiet, the Pura Vision still serves as a tantalising glimpse into what the brand has up its sleeve.

The Evolution of Design Language

The design of the Pura Vision is a harmonious blend of luxury and feasibility. It features innovative bladed headlights, which are expected to become a recurring design element in future Pininfarina models. Dave Amantea, the newly appointed Chief Design Officer, emphasises that the design "embraces the DNA of iconic vehicles from Pininfarina's past, to shape the future." This is a nod to the brand's rich heritage, which includes designing some of the most beautiful cars in history.

Material Choices and Aesthetic Appeal

The Pura Vision's silhouette is a masterclass in modern automotive design. Crafted primarily from lightweight materials like carbon fibre, it makes a "unique sculptural statement." The vehicle's low front end and flared wheel arches are inspired by the iconic Cisitalia 202 of 1947, a car so revolutionary that it became the first vehicle to be included in the Museum of Modern Art's collection in New York. This historical connection adds another layer of allure to the Pura Vision.

A New Approach to Interior Design

The interior of the Pura Vision is a radical departure from traditional automotive interiors. It focuses on functionality and space without compromising on luxury. Unlike the compact Battista, which is designed to offer an engaging driving experience, the Pura Vision aims for a different kind of engagement—one that emphasises luxury and refinement.

The vehicle features 'floating' front seats and a wave-shaped, raised rear bench, all inspired by the design of sailing vessels. This nautical inspiration is not just aesthetic; it's a functional choice aimed at maximising interior space and comfort.

The Driving Experience: A Unique Blend

Francesco Cundari, Pininfarina's Interior Design Director, has highlighted that the driving position in the Pura Vision is more akin to that of a two-seater sports car, despite the vehicle's elevated proportions. This is a deliberate design choice that sets the blueprint for future models. Passengers will find themselves "cocooned" in a "light, airy and welcoming" cabin that "combines the personality of a sports car with the space and comfort of a luxury vehicle."

The Broader Context: The Electric Vehicle Market

The Pura Vision arrives at a time when the electric vehicle market is experiencing unprecedented growth. Governments around the world are setting ambitious targets to phase out internal combustion engines, and consumers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly alternatives without sacrificing luxury and performance. In this context, the Pura Vision serves as a benchmark for what a luxury electric SUV can offer.

The Pura Vision concept by Automobili Pininfarina is a game-changer in multiple ways. It's not just a concept car; it's a statement of intent, a vision of the future, and a benchmark for the industry. With its cutting-edge design, luxurious features, and a strong focus on sustainable electric mobility, the Pura Vision is poised to redefine our expectations from luxury electric vehicles.

For us at Forza Finance, this is an electrifying development in the realm of luxury electric vehicles. The Pura Vision encapsulates the innovation and luxury that we have come to expect from Pininfarina, and we are keenly looking forward to what the brand will unveil next. As the electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, the Pura Vision stands as a testament to Pininfarina's commitment to leading the charge into a sustainable, yet luxurious, future.

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