Tesla Model S Plaid – The Fastest Ever EV?

Tesla have added the ‘Plaid’ treatment to their saloon EV, the Model S. As if the Tesla Model S Performance wasn’t already mind-blowingly fast, the Plaid takes it one step further. Equipped with more power, long range and an uprated driving experience, is this the new supercar slayer?


Tesla Model S Plaid Overview

The original car that started the EV craze was the Model S, first produced in 2012 but only really caught wind around 2015. After a decade of production, the Model S is starting to show its age, so for 2023, Tesla decided to add their signature ‘Plaid’ treatment to keep up with competitors. It still retains the same shape as the regular Model S, being a large four door hatchback with ample storage space in the boot and under the bonnet. Larger tyres have been fitted to accommodate the increase in power, with 285mm up front and 290mm in the back. You’ll find no chrome on the Plaid apart from the logos, instead it gets a blacked out theme all round. The front end is revised with a bigger front splitter and fog lights, with a rear spoiler that has also increased in size.


What Does ‘Plaid’ Even Mean?

Think of it as the AMG or M division of the German equivalent, Tesla adds a bunch more power, revises the looks and updates the interior to be the best of the best in its class. Upgraded performance and updated interior is where the Model S Plaid takes a revolutionary step, something that was particularly lacking in previous Tesla models.


Tesla Model S Plaid Interior

The fit and finish of the Tesla Model S Plaid has massively improved over the previous regular Model S, the materials are of much higher quality and overall it is well built over a standard car. The carpet used is plusher and softer, the stitching on the seats is more precise and better leather means a more comfortable driving experience. The seats now come with an option for ventilation too. The centre console is closed up, more like a normal car, with a new wireless charger placed underneath the main screen.


Speaking of screens, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any physical buttons on the infotainment screen, as everything is controlled through the giant iPad-looking screen. The Plaid now houses a new digital screen for the driver information, and is integrated seamlessly into the dashboard. Just before the digital drivers dash is the new steering yoke, where Tesla has literally reinvented the wheel. Steering using the yoke isn’t too bad, it can take a brief adjustment period to use it, but it’s the buttons on the wheel which cause the most issues. Although the screen visibility is better with the top part of the wheel chopped off, the buttons are too close to the edge of the yoke, with your hand always accidentally brushing some of them when making a turn.


Tesla Model S Plaid Performance

Now come the big numbers, the real reason anyone would purchase a Plaid model. The Model S Plaid boasts outrageous numbers: 1020hp, sub 2 second 0-60mph sprint and an electronically limited top speed of 163mph, but capable of doing 200mph with a future software update. With a one-foot rollout, the Model S Plaid rockets to 60mph in just 1.99 seconds, almost half a second quicker than the Raven Model S at 2.3 seconds. The real improvements come when measuring the 60 to 130mph times, which the Plaid completes in a mere 4.7 seconds, twice as fast as the Raven Model S. To explain just how fast this car is, the Model S Plaid completes a quarter mile drag race in just 9.3 seconds at 154mph. If you go to any licensed drag-strip and race, you’ll likely be kicked out as rules require vehicles that complete a drag race in under 10 seconds or over 150mph need a parachute for safety regulations. The battery also boasts an impressive 390 mile range versus the 405 from a dual motor Model S.

The Tesla Model S Plaid starts from £110,925 and is available to pre-order on the Tesla website now. For more news and blog posts, check out our blog or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest prestige car news.


Image credits: https://www.tesla.com/en_gb/tesla-gallery