The 10 classic cars that hold their value

Are you a classic car enthusiast? Do you collect them to keep them on show, own them to drive them, or are simply interested in buying a car that is likely to turn heads and steal admiring glances?

In any event, arranging the necessary classic car finance is unlikely to be a problem, given the existence of reputable specialist providers of such loans – but, even with the finance reassuringly in your pocket, you still want to know whether the vehicle you choose is going to keep its value in the longer term.

So, here are some suggestions for the top ten classic cars that hold their value:

1. Porsche Boxster 986

Although launched as relatively recently as 1996 – and that for the mass market, so there are lots of them around – the Boxster 986 has become a classic and maybe bought for as little as £5,000 yet is still expected to appreciate in value.

2. Mercedes Benz SL600

In production between 1992 and 2001, this sports coupe came with various engines ranging from a 3-litre V6 to a 6-litre V12.

The website Auto Wise notes that versions of these SLs have been appearing recently in American auctions – a sure sign that they have become collectable classics.

3. Lamborghini Diablo

If you have significantly more money to spend on your classic car, the online car auction website Vicci Car Auctions estimates that a Lamborghini Diablo in pristine condition is likely to fetch nearly £221,000 – a substantial increase on the £148,000 or so it would have fetched in 2013.

4. Honda/Acura NSX

First launched in 1990, current models of the NSX have established the vehicle in a niche market – an “everyday supercar” as Auto Car calls it, for the very good reason that the highly sought-after classic can be bought for as little as £30,000.

5. TVR Griffith

Prices for the TVR Griffith made in the 1990s have seen steadily healthy increases in recent years – though you might still get in on the ladder of success for around £17,000.

6. Lotus Elan M100

The Lotus Elan from the 1960s has become eminently collectable and a classic in its own right. Later versions of the M100, however, have yet to have their day and are likely to prove a sound investment for the future – especially for the £10,000 or so a model in good condition is likely to cost.

7. Ferrari Modial

Any Ferrari is going to hold its value – and some might prove a better investment than others. The Modial (built between 1981 and 1993) has yet to seal its credentials as a model to bank on – so you might do well in thinking its turn is about to come.

8. BMW 2002

It’s a BMW, but not as you might know it. From its launch in 1972, though, the 2002 was the model that helped establish the German manufacturer’s reputation for well-built, precision-engineered motor cars – and has, therefore, become highly collectable.

A 2002 in pristine condition is now likely to fetch as much as £35,600 – compared to the £27,500 it was worth in 2013.

9. Triumph Stag Mk1

Driven by James Bond in the film Diamonds are Forever, the 3-litres V8 Triumph Stag was very much the car of the ‘70s and is sought after as such these days – even if its reliability was questioned at the time.

10. Alfa Romeo Spider Series 2

Classic and Sports Car magazine describes the Series 2 Spider as a 2000 Veloce in disguise but a genuine “investment classic”. Spiders were first built in 1966 and today are likely to cost you from £18,000 – £25,000.


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