The Next Aventador will be a hybrid V12

Come 2020, Lamborghini have said their new 4WD hypercar will be a mix of electric and a naturally aspirated V12.

Coming in two forms, in the Urus SUV and the Aventador hypercar, the electric motor is adding more power to the iconic V12 whilst updating it in a time when electric seems to be the way things are heading. This was spoken about by Lamborghini's Chief Technical Officer, Maurizio Reggiani. The £2 Million hypercar is likely to be heavier than the current model, meaning the Aventador SVJ's 6min 45second production car lap could stand for some while longer.

“I always say that I prefer to have 10kg less rather than 1hp more, even if the power-to-weight ratio remains the same,” Reggiani said. “But I imagine the starting point of the car will be heavier, no doubt. What will be the end game? We don’t know. Improvements will happen.”


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