The 10 Best Motorhomes To Buy in 2024

Travelling in a motorhome gives you the freedom and comfort you desire, making it a popular choice for many people. In 2024, there is a diverse and innovative selection of motorhomes to choose from. Let’s explore the top ten motorhomes for 2024.

VW California

The Volkswagen California has everything you’d need to go on an awesome campervan adventure: comfortable space, high-quality interior fittings, and, of course, plenty of style.

It sleeps a family of four with pop-up canvas roofs to provide extra standing room. It’s everything you need to make this mid-size campervan your self-contained home away from home.

Chausson X650

The Chausson X650 caters to those who enjoy adventures off the beaten path. It combines a robust engine with smart storage and an interior layout that maximises space. This model is perfect for travellers who prioritize both adventure and comfort.

Hymer B-Class MasterLine I 790

The Hymer B-Class MasterLine I 790 offers a spacious and comfortable interior, which includes a large lounge, a kitchen equipped with modern appliances, and a bedroom with a king-size bed. It’s designed for safety, efficiency, and ease of use, making it ideal for extended travel.

Sprite Super Quattro EB

The Sprite Superb Quattro EB almost falls in its leisure vehicle category entirely. The front lounge forms an ideal entertainment space for friends and family and the parallel sofas suit any last-minute couch-surfers. Even better, no one will have their sleep disturbed thanks to a central washroom that everyone can access.

If the ample space and ingenious layout are not enough to sell you on it, the pop-up extension in the kitchen (which has a full oven, separate grill and three-burner hob) certainly will.

Swift Escape 604

The four-passenger Swift Escape has many amazing features but its value for money tops the list. The 604 has everything you need to enjoy a fantastic weekend on the roads. 

There’s plenty of space and comfort, and it also comes with high-end, modern technology too. The swift command control is beneficial and easy to use, the USB sockets are plentiful and discreet, plus the opening panoramic sunroof is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for stargazing nights.

Auto-Trail Tribute F60

The best way to describe the Auto-Trail Tribute F60 is to call it a proper motorhome. Design-wise it stands out for its sleek and classic minimal look, which makes it seem well above its price tag.

In terms of comfort level, it is ideal for extended romantic getaways thanks to features like the underfloor heating and ergonomically designed kitchen.

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Concorde Carver

Looking to travel in style? Then look no further than the Concorde Carver, this large and striking motorhome is a top of the line vehicle, with superior interior and exterior touches showing its class. 

This luxury RV’s design includes ultra-modern kitchen appliances, spacious beds and a washroom that makes you forget your home is on wheels.

Elddis Accordo 120

There’s much to love about the Elddis Accordo, a motorhome that manages to remain compact but which offers a lot of space for couples and small families. The interior of this great compact coach built motorhome was crafted to make the most out of every nook and cranny, whilst easy to clean. 

It has great mileage for a vehicle of this size. The key feature? A tilting panoramic roof light with pleated blind and separate flyscreen.

Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 880

The Niesmann+Bischoff Flair 880 merges luxury with advanced technology. It boasts a spacious interior, including a lounge, a modern kitchen, and a bathroom that offers comfort akin to what one might find in a high-quality hotel. This motorhome is a top pick for anyone looking for a sophisticated travel experience.

Adria Twin Sports 640 SG

The Adria Twin Sports 640 SG is known for its smart design and efficient use of space. This model features an elevated roof for extra sleeping space, making it suitable for couples or small families. Its compact size doesn’t sacrifice living or storage space, presenting a practical solution for those seeking a balance between mobility and comfort.

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