The Top 4 Supercar Clubs in the UK 2022

If you are a lover of supercars then this list is for you. The UK is home to some of the most exciting supercar clubs in the world that not only offers track days and members-only tours, but also exciting collections of the latest and greatest supercars out there. We’ve narrowed these clubs down to the very best, here is our list of ‘Top 4 SuperCar Clubs UK’.


The SC:UK club calls out to all car lovers. They offer an array of member-only events in their FULL membership program, however, the free membership is ideal if you are brand new to the supercar club scene. You can expect exclusive events and drives, tours, factory visits, and of course, some incredible cars.

Find out how you can join SC:UK here.

Supercar Members Club

Supercar Members Club is all about exclusivity and privacy, which means there is not much we can reveal without giving away their secrets. Here is what we can tell you: they have a massive array of supercars at members’ disposal so they can enjoy the best and latest models brands have to offer. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce: if you can dream it, this club probably has it ready for you to jump in.

Want to join? Find out how here.

Four Marks Supercar Owners Club

Four Marks Supercar Owners Club was designed for those who want to build down to earth friendships and enjoy prestige cars in all their glory. The club is central south of England based, with members from all over the southern counties. 

It’s not just about hitting the track days here: the goal is to form a community, meaning plenty of different events, which include breakfast meets, convoys, the tunnel runs, cars and coffee, tours, and other social events in unique venues.

Find out how to become a member here.

The SuperCarClub

The SuperCarClub organises exciting road tours for like-minded supercar owners. The unique journeys are tailor-made for supercar owners who love driving them on empty winding roads around Europe. The events are oftentimes planned so you can both enjoy the stunning scenery and relax in high-class hotels. Of course, you will be surrounded by some amazing exotic cars, classic or modern, and make once in a lifetime memories.

Find how to join here.

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