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Finance your Audi Q3

Why An Audi Q3?

The stylish five-door SUV provides a premium look and feel that you expect with any German brand and is available in a wide range of designs including a sporty-looking S-line version or a coupe-like Sportback. 

Providing a great to drive and compact enough to cope with the hustle and bustle of city traffic, the Q3 is perfect for the daily commute. With its all-wheel-drive system, it’s also perfect for driving long distances and you can ride in comfort knowing that the vehicle provides excellent grip and a long-range engine so less petrol stops. The Audi Q3 really does outshine its rivals. 

Financing Your Q3

Considered one of the cheaper but most reliable small SUVs, Funding a Q3 doesn’t have to be a problem. Here at Forza Finance, we have a range of financing options available. 

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

A Personal Contract Purchase or PCP as it’s commonly known allows you to choose what you want to do with the vehicle after you’ve completed the loan period. This type of loan is usually shorter than other financing options as you’ll usually have between 1-4 years to pay off your vehicle and then you get to decide what to do afterwards. 

Hire Purchase (HP)

Considered one of the most common types of financing, a Hire Purchase loan starts when you pay an initial deposit which is usually around 5-50% of the price of the vehicle. You’ll pay off the rest of the car cost over an agreed monthly payment which is between 1-5 years. When the loan period is complete, the vehicle is yours to keep. 

Lease Purchase (LP)

A Lease Purchase or a Balloon Hire Purchase as it’s also known as a finance plan which offers lower monthly payments. However, you will have to pay a lump-sum amount at the end of the loan should you choose to keep the vehicle. This sum is agreed at the beginning of the contract and if you choose not to keep your vehicle you’ll be provided with a range of options including part-exchange and resale. 

How Much Can You Afford?

When looking at finance options, it can be confusing as you may not be sure how much you can afford. Our car finance calculator will help you work out how much you can afford on a monthly basis. This also works out how much you can afford to borrow and the best type of loan for you based on your income and expenses. Simply put in how much you would like to borrow and how long for and our calculator will do the rest. 

Still have questions? Get in touch with our friendly team for more information about our range of lenders or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you at a time that suits you to discuss more about our finance options. 

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