Finance your Range Rover Overfinch

True, you might need to pause for a second to place this name in the pantheon of great marques.

Yet if you’ve ever looked in awe at one of those special stunningly customised Range Rovers, then you might well have been looking at an Overfinch.


t was in 1975 that a company was formed with the mission of offering post-sale styling and high-end customisation of Range Rover vehicles. In the 1980s that company adopted the name “Overfinch” and has used it ever since.

The earlier Range Rovers were, as is generally admitted,  produced with utilitarianism in mind. They were powerful and rugged but were never known for their comfort and luxuries – as indicated by the earlier vinyl seats and plastic dashboards!

While those design features might have been marketed as practical due to the fact the interior of the vehicle could be hosed down, they were never attributes likely to appeal to the urban/suburban style-aware buyers that the original concept was to some extent aimed at.

As a result, it didn’t take long for someone to step into the breach by offering post-sale customisation services. This was the origin of Overfinch.

During the following decades, the company became a byword for innovation and design. The challenge of taking a Range Rover and turning it into a style and performance icon, whilst retaining its Land Rover heritage and reputation for toughness, wasn’t easy. Yet Overfinch succeeded and have gained widespread recognition for doing so.

High end cars

Today Overfinch offers a wide range of customisations based on Range Rover vehicles. They include the:

  • 2018 Overfinch;
  • Supersport;
  • Sport;
  • Velar
  • Evoque.

Their service also provides:

  • the ability to design your own Range Rover customisation. Working with their skilled designers, you can construct your own vision on paper and then see it transformed into a final vehicle;
  • customisation of your existing Range Rover.  A vast range of options for things such as external styling and interiors is available;
  • the purchase of an existing pre-used customised vehicle of theirs.


Overfinch finance

Overfinch’s creations are highly desirable.

The company uses only the highest quality and state-of-the-art materials both outside and inside. Their attention to care and a quality finish is legendary.

As a result, their vehicles are regarded as a luxury product and are sought after by discerning buyers.

At Forza Finance, our panel of funders is particularly interested in high-performance and prestigious vehicles.  As a result, we therefore understand this market exceptionally well. It’s also worth noting that not all generalist finance providers welcome applications for highly customised vehicles, which is why our services in assisting with Overfinch finance may be especially useful.

In addition to finance, we might also be able to help in sourcing a vehicle of the specific type of Overfinch you’re looking for.

If you would like to turn your dreams of an Overfinch customisation into reality, why not contact us sooner rather than later to discover how we might be able to help with an attractive luxury car package?  

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