Mercedes-Benz GLE Finance

Finance your Mercedes-Benz GLE

Why a Mercedes-Benz GLE?

The GLE comes with a four-wheel drive, for extra reliability in adverse weather. Standard safety equipment is packed with blind-spot warning, emergency braking and lane-keep assist, among others. This mid-range SUV has plenty of space and comes with a seven-seater option, each easily foldable for any additionally needed storage.

Finance a Mercedes-Benz GLE

Want this Mercedes-Benz? You can have it, thanks to the plenty of finance options available at Forza Finance.

Lease Purchase (LP)

Known as Balloon HP, the Lease Purchase agreement requires an initial deposit of between 5 to 40% of the vehicle price. This type of financing offers lower monthly payments than standard Hire Purchase which are repaid over an agreed period, usually between 1 to 4 years, plus final balloon payment. At the end of the agreement you may purchase your vehicle in full through a final lump sum payment (the balloon), re-finance, part-exchange or resell your vehicle.

Hire Purchase (HP)

Paying a deposit is the first step in the HP option, which is one of the most common methods of financing available. The deposit is usually between 5% and 50% of your Mercedes-Benz GLE purchase price. The remaining unpaid amount will be set over a period of time, which will range from one to five years. Once you've paid the final deposit, the GLE is yours to retain.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

One of the benefits of a PCP contract is that you will decide what you want to do with the vehicle after the loan period is over. The loan term is usually shorter than most other finance deals. After you've completed your lease, which usually lasts between one and five years, you'll have the option to choose what to do next.

Work out how much you can afford

To get the best price, be informed: use Forza Finance's car finance calculator to estimate how much you will invest, future interest payments, the amount of time it would take to repay a loan, and the precise valuation of the vehicle. If you want to know more about the different financing options, use our online contact form or send us an email.

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