Finance your Bentley Bentayga

Serving up comfort, luxury and convenience, the Bentley Bentayga is like no other. At Forza Finance you will find an array of options to get the Bentley of your dreams.

Why a Bentley Bentayga?

This premium SUV defines interior style luxury, with standard features like wireless Apple CarPlay, sat-nav showing 3D buildings, large infotainment screen, oh and there is an optional massage seat function! The four-wheel-drive ensures sturdier driving on adverse roads, and the plug-in hybrid option is ideal for keeping running costs lower (by luxury vehicle standard of course).

Finance a Bentley Bentayga

If all you’ve read has you convinced the Bentayga is the vehicle for you, worry no more. Learn all about Forza Finance’s financing deals.

Hire Purchase (HP)

This method of financing begins with a down payment (usually about 10%), then monthly contributions against your car. When these are charged, a final charge will be added, and you will own the vehicle, which is referred to as the ‘option to buy’.

Lease Purchase (LP)

A Lease Purchase deal also referred to as a Balloon Hire Purchase agreement is a loan with lower monthly payments. If you want to keep the car, you'll have to pay it off in one lump sum before the lease's end. This percentage is set at the outset of the deal, and if you don't plan to keep your car, you'll be offered options like part-exchange or resale.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

This financing option includes a 10% down payment, followed by several annual instalments for 1-5 years. After the lease, you'll have the option of paying the remainder of the car's worth and holding it or returning it.

Work out how much you can afford

To get the best price, keep informed: use Forza Finance's car finance calculator to estimate how much you will invest, future interest payments, the amount of time it would take to repay a loan, and the precise valuation of the vehicle. If you want to hear more about the different financing options, use our online contact form or send us an email.

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