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Guaranteed to turn heads, Jaguar is one of the few vehicle names that are truly famous worldwide. We will help you obtain a Jaguar by providing finance and helping you find the model you are looking for.

The “Big Cat” is a marque that is hugely envied around the world and they’re one of the most prestigious vehicles on the road. Use the Jaguar PCP Car Finance Calculator on this page to find the perfect deal for your next Jaguar car. Looking to get finance on a different brand of car? Why not check out our PCP Car Finance Calculator for an unbeatable offer.

We will quickly work with you to understand your requirements and through our panel of specialist lenders, see where there may be a suitable prestige car finance deal that might assist you to go forward with your Jaguar purchase. Get in touch with us at your earliest opportunity and we will help.

Why a Jaguar?

Jaguar’s vehicles have always been sought after by people who want a thrill in their driving – even if the vehicle is a luxury saloon. Their current models cover a range from compact SUVs through sports saloons and a sports car described as the successor to the E-type. These models are simply the embodiment of performance and style.

Jaguar PCP Car Finance

PCP is one of the most popular loan choices available and ideal for those who want an exciting and stylish car such as a Jaguar. The loan will allow you to purchase any Jaguar car at an affordable monthly price. A personal contract purchase allows you to have three options at the end of your contract.

Option 1:

Return the vehicle to the finance company and there is nothing left to pay (if you have gone over your agreed mileage, there will be a small charge).

Option 2:

You can keep the vehicle and pay off or refinance the outstanding payment.

Option 3:

Part-exchange your vehicle and if the trade-in value is greater than the final payment, you keep the difference.

The Jaguar PCP loan provides the benefit of getting a high specification Jaguar for lower monthly payments. The guaranteed minimum future value (GMFV) is one of the differences between PCP and other loans. The GMFV plus your deposit is deducted from the selling price of your vehicle and your monthly payments are calculated from the remaining balance. Essentially, you’ll be making lower payments due to the smaller amount.

We offer finance on a range of Jaguar models including, but not limited to: Jaguar XJ, Jaguar E-Pace, Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar Car Finance Deals

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