We Asked AI to Generate 2024 Models for Major Car Brands & the Results are Hilarious

There's always a thrill in predicting the next big thing when it comes to cars. At Forza Finance, we decided to do something a bit different. 

We asked DALL.E, the new AI image generator from Bing, to generate what the 2024 models for major car brands might look like. Well, the results aren't exactly super realistic… but they sure are a lot of fun to imagine! 

Judging by the accuracy of some of these, we don't think the AI robots are coming to take over the world just yet! However, take a look at what the AI generated below and let us know what you think of some of the crazy suggestions:

Audi - The Holographic Navigator

Now Audi owners are no stranger to driving a car that not only epitomises luxury but also integrates futuristic technology seamlessly. However, this Audi AI generation features a transparent, holographic display embedded into the windshield. This is not just a navigation system; it's an immersive experience. It transforms the driving experience with augmented reality, providing real-time information, interactive elements, and a sleek design that pushes the boundaries of what we expect from car displays. This one actually isn’t too unrealistic!

Land Rover - Adaptive Camouflage

What if a car could blend in with its surroundings? This AI generation model of Land Rover redefines the term 'blending in'. With its adaptive camouflage system, the vehicle can alter its exterior appearance to match its surroundings. Whether it's a dense urban jungle or the actual wilderness, this feature not only enhances aesthetics but also introduces a new level of privacy and security in automotive design. The AI was clearly playing on Land Rover’s reputation as being the best off road car brand of choice here.

Porsche - Aerofoils for Aerodynamics

A lot of Porsche models combine luxury with practicality. What if Porsche came up with a car with retractable aerofoils, integrated seamlessly into the car's body? At high speeds, these aerofoils extend to enhance aerodynamics and stability, and then retract for regular driving. This feature is a nod to Porsche's racing heritage, bringing track-level performance into everyday use. Aerofoils can be found on some F1 cars, but this is taking it to a new level. 

Tesla - Autonomous Drone Technology

Now we just love the ridiculousness of this one! Tesla has always been at the forefront of automotive innovation. What if the next Tesla features an integrated autonomous drone system? Imagine a drone that can detach from your car to scout traffic conditions (Because Google Maps is so 2023) or capture stunning aerial photography (New profile picture alert).

BMW - Transparent Hood Technology

This BMW AI generation features a 'Transparent Hood'. Utilising advanced cameras and display technologies, the hood becomes see-through from the driver's perspective. This allows unprecedented visibility of the road and the vehicle's mechanics, adding a new dimension to precision driving and navigating complex environments. It's a blend of luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology that BMW is renowned for. Nice idea!

Mercedes-Benz - Mood-Responsive Interior

Mercedes Benz has always been ahead with futuristic tech with concept cars such as the VISION AVTR. This AI generation has a 'Mood-Responsive Interior'. Imagine entering your car, and it adjusts the interior lighting, fragrance, and even the texture of the seats based on your mood, detected through biometric sensors! This personalised driving experience ensures maximum comfort and would be a testament to Mercedes-Benz's commitment to luxury and innovation.

Jaguar - Electrochromic Glass Body

This AI generation of a Jaguar vehicle takes customisation to a whole new level. The 'Electrochromic Glass Body' allows the entire exterior of the car to change its colour and opacity electronically. This idea would be for the indecisive ones amongst us who just can’t decide on anything… including the colour of our cars!

Polestar - Integrated Wind Turbine

What if the future of cars features an integrated Wind Turbine? That is exactly what this AI-generated Polestar has. This turbine, built into the car's rear, harnesses wind energy while driving to recharge the battery. This innovation not only adds to the car's efficiency but also enhances its aerodynamic profile. It's a step towards sustainable luxury, showcasing Polestar's commitment to eco-friendly innovation. Just don’t ask the AI how fitting a wind turbine into a car would work in reality…

Rolls-Royce - Starlight Roof Extended to the Exterior

This Rolls-Royce AI generation is clearly an evolution of the real-world Starlight Headlining that is available on some models. However, in the AI’s version, The 'Starlight Roof' simply extends to the exterior too. We think the AI is running out of ideas here!

Aston Martin - Virtual Co-Pilot System

Imagine Alexa or Google coming to life! Aston Martin's AI-generated model brings to life the AI generation of a 'Virtual Co-Pilot'. This cutting-edge system projects a holographic assistant in the passenger seat, providing real-time data, navigation assistance, and conversational interaction. It's a blend of high-performance capabilities and futuristic technology, underlining Aston Martin's reputation for innovation and elegance. Sounds a bit scary to us…


Our exploration into the AI-generated models for 2024's major car brands has been an amusing and eye-opening experience. While some of the concepts may seem a tad far-fetched to say the least, the article serves as a lighthearted look into what the future of automotive design could potentially hold, according to AI. But amidst the humorous suggestions, there might be hints of practicality and innovation. Could any of these imaginative ideas feasibly work or offer tangible benefits?